About me

photo_2018-05-24_06-25-19I was born in germany in 1983. I was raised in the ending socialism of eastern germany and had a taste of both systems. Luckily I never was confronted with the restrictions of the socialism and so I had a quiet childhood with loving parents.

I was interested in science early and had an apprenticeship as a biology lab assistant. Many doubts arose in this time: What this life is for, why I am working for a pharmaceutical company where substances are tested on animals and if a pure rational life coud ever be satisfying. I was confused by the work of Ken Wilber while studying how to make money to exit a system in which I felt alien.

Shortly after finishing as an apprentice I quit my Job to go to cologne and work for Bodo Schäfer. Around 2000 he was famous with some books about financial thinking and how to be a millionaire within 7 years. I was hooked on the promise of beein financial indepentend, not knowing how much I had to learn. Selling on telephone and working for a fonds distributor I was faced with the missing meaning in just selling without having a realtionship to the product.