Modular Routines – list

Recently, I wrote about modular routines and the benefits of them. In this post I will list all my routines I find helpful. Some of them I have not tested out yet or for a long period of time to experience the benfits, they are written inverted.

Modular routines shall have the benefits of cleansing, exerience of development, growth, and refinement and for healing purposes. Always be aware that you are already perfect and absolutely nothing of any routine has to be done. But why not enjoying end experiencing  them?

  • standing meditation for at least 10′
  • sitting meditation in the morning like zazen
  • feeling the body / bodyscan
  • writing diary: focus on what You are grateful for, about what You are happy, what 5 things you were successful through the day (write down even small things, they are hints and also important)
  • body weight training session like push ups, squats, pull ups
  • weight training
  • watching inspiring videos, making notes to make sure you really digest them and consume with awareness
  • Yoga Nidra
  • breathing techniques like fire breathing, nostril breathing (Nadi Shodhana)
  • Yoga asanas 15′ (recommended for men since this seems to be done mostly by women nowadays. Note, that yoga was for a long time often done by men. Men tend to be easier “woody” and stiff than women.)
  • all varieties of movement on two legs like jogging and light walking, HITT and sprints, interval running
  • sunbathing and facing the sun with closed eyes, careful with sungazing
  • oil pulling for 10′ (coconut oil)
  • OMAD lifestyle with 1.000 to 1.500 kcal span of caloric intake