Choosing values

What values we give into our lives is essential for our existence. They determine how we perceive, feel, act and react and which people and situations we attach importance to.

From the german webiste I found the definition of value very helpful:

“Values are generally desirable, morally or ethically found to be helpful specific characteristics of a person within a community of values.

The preferred values and norms result in thought patterns, beliefs, patterns of action and character traits. As an effect, there are results (impacts, experiences, achievements), which contain or combine the desired value-containing properties.

Values terms are mostly nouns that embody morally well-felt qualities. They each symbolize a specific morality and describe the interpersonal quality of traits and benefits.”

It is very useful to investigate your values and to see what effect they have on Your life. I recommend to write down at least 10 values which are actual important for You. You can choose from Steve Pavlinas list here.

What impact do these values have in Your life? Are they in congurence with how you want to be, how You want to feel and what You want to have?

In a company, a value perception can be crucial, especially if you are an employee and therefore more or less instruction bound. If you have to follow instructions that do not resonate with your values, it will always cause stress. Because you try to compensate. Either you buy useless stuff to counter your emptiness or you become dependent on one of the socially acceptable drugs. Feel and think about your values well, therefore, what your values ​​are and whether you already live them

Furthermore, you should ask smart questions. Take pen and paper and answer the following questions

Which 10+ values ​​do I actually have?

  1. What values do I actually have?
  2. What values ​​do I not represent but still live from previous unconsciousness?
  3. What 10+ values ​​do I have from the eyes of other people? (3 people should rate you)
  4. Which 10+ values ​​do I find useful and helpful?
  5. Which values ​​do I consider to be particularly good in interaction?
  6. What would I change now if I live up to my values, which I consider important?

In the next posts I will go through my own values and write about these impacts. Some of these values are not really integrated but are a hint to be aware of them and make decisions more dependand on them.