Inquiring change

Who is perceiving change? Who is perceiving wanting a change? Is there a doer who can change something? Where is the doer of change? When there is a doer of change or a changer who changes what perceives the changer itself?

It seems to be so normal to say that “I” change something or “I” do something. But inquire: where is You, where is this I and from where is this I perceived? Is there another I which perceives this I? And what is this I? Are there two I”s and one observes the other? Isn’t this also perceived? Is there a recognition that this all is easily seen? That there is nothing required? Seeing just happens and there is no real I which changes nor is there a doer of change and a changer.

This merely is a part of the game which leads to confusion. I order to have experience there has to be relativity. “I” am here and “You” are there. I is me and You is You so that relation can happen. But there is not a real me. In me, You are happening as well as I am Happening in You. I exist in You and You exist in me. They exist in us and we exist in them. The fragmentation is necessary yet confusing and not the reality. In just perceiving this the game can continue harmoniusly, spontaneous and free. There is no need to cling on the I yet it will continue as a part of the game.

As I recognized that I played against myself and that I play with myself, I did not play “better” immediately since then. But I play serenely. I participate in the big game and then again not.